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Food waste is not just a problem; it’s an epidemic that businesses often unknowingly contribute to. In a world grappling with the consequences of excessive food waste, rising waste costs and extortionate energy bills, Orbisk’s detailed waste monitoring capabilities provide businesses with certainty, by putting the power in their hands. 

In this blog we explore the profound environmental, financial, and personal benefits that Orbisk offers, reshaping the narrative around food waste reduction.

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The Ongoing Crisis of Food Waste

Understanding the Environmental Impact

Before delving into the transformative solution that Orbisk presents, it’s crucial to grasp the global scale of the problem at hand. Food waste extends far beyond the confines of local kitchens; it’s a pervasive global crisis, leaving an indelible mark on our environment and depleting precious resources.

The Global Impact of Food Waste

Carbon Emissions

Food waste is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, with decomposing organic matter releasing methane—a potent greenhouse gas. Globally, food waste is estimated to account for 8% of total emissions.

Water Usage

The production and disposal of wasted food represent a significant drain on water resources. In fact, a staggering 24% of all water used in agriculture is ultimately lost due to food waste.

Resource Depletion

Every morsel of wasted food signifies a squandered investment of resources—land, energy, and labour.

The Financial Toll on Businesses

Beyond the environmental repercussions, businesses face severe financial consequences due to inefficient waste management. The cost of discarded food extends beyond the price tag, affecting the bottom line and hindering overall profitability.
The financial impact of food waste is sometimes miscalculated, as excessive food waste can point to overordering, or miss management of stock. Understanding what you throw away, when and in what quantities is fundamental data to help businesses order better, manage stock and drive down food waste.

Orbisk – Harnessing AI for Transformative Change

Orbisk employs artificial intelligence using image recognition technology built on an IoT (internet of things) database to provide granular data documenting exactly what you’re throwing away.
It that was too technical, we’ve broken it down below:

How Orbisk Works: A Closer Look

Smart Waste Monitoring:

Orbisk is not a passive observer; it’s a dynamic monitor positioned at the heart of a business’s waste disposal system. Using an integrated camera and scale, Orbisk captures real-time data on discarded food items, down to the granular level of individual ingredients.

AI-Powered Recognition:

As food waste is placed under its watchful eye, Orbisk’s intelligent algorithms meticulously recognise and categorise each item, creating a comprehensive database that forms the basis for targeted waste reduction strategies.

Data-Driven Insights:

The system transforms raw data into actionable insights through an intuitive dashboard. This provides businesses with a clear, visual representation of their waste patterns, peak wastage times, and areas for improvement.

Proactive Waste Reduction:

Armed with these insights, businesses can proactively address the root causes of their food waste. Whether it’s optimising portion control, streamlining inventory management, or refining purchasing processes, Orbisk empowers businesses to make informed decisions for sustainable change.

The Environmental Benefits

The full lifecycle impact of waste reduction can’t be underestimated. Orbisk aligns with sustainability goals by directly addressing climate change, water conservation, and responsible resource use. It positions businesses as conscientious contributors to a healthier planet.
To demonstrate the environmental benefits we have aligned them with the UN Sustainability goals below:

Don’t forget about the bottom line

Precision in Purchasing

One of the primary sources of unnecessary expenditure in the food service industry is over-purchasing. Orbisk’s meticulous tracking and analysis of food waste patterns empower businesses to make informed decisions about their inventory. By identifying overstocked items or items with high wastage rates, businesses can recalibrate their purchasing strategies, leading to reduced procurement costs.

Optimised Portion Control:

Consistent and precise portioning is not only a hallmark of quality service but also a key factor in waste reduction. Orbisk guides businesses in implementing effective portion control measures by highlighting just how much is being wasted. This not only contributes to resource and cost savings, enhances customer satisfaction.

Smarter Operational Management:

Unplanned waste collections, missed pickups, and inefficient waste management processes can quickly become financial burdens for businesses. Orbisk’s insights into waste generation patterns and real-time data empower businesses to streamline their waste management operations. Fewer collections and a more efficient waste disposal process translate into direct cost savings.

Increased Profit Margins:

It’s not just about saving on procurement and operational costs; it’s about boosting overall profitability. Orbisk’s holistic approach to waste reduction often results in a significant increase in profit margins for businesses.

Long-Term Financial Resilience

The financial benefits derived from Orbisk’s waste reduction strategies are not short-lived. Instead, they pave the way for long-term financial resilience. Businesses equipped with Orbisk are better positioned to weather economic fluctuations, demonstrating that sustainability isn’t just about being environmentally conscious – it’s a savvy business decision that pays dividends over time.

A Greener Tomorrow – With Orbisk

Orbisk transcends the conventional role of waste monitoring. Businesses can see it as a strategic partner, offering a trifecta of benefits—environmental, financial, and personal. By integrating Orbisk into your business, you’re not just reducing food waste; you’re shaping a more sustainable, profitable, and conscientious future.

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