Festive Cheers, Not Festive Waste: How Sustainable Tech Can Save Hospitality During the Holidays

The clinking of glasses, the joyous laughter, the buzz of excitement – the festive season is upon us! But alongside the celebratory atmosphere comes a hidden challenge for the hospitality, events and facilities industry: a significant increase in waste generation.

A recent report reveals that a staggering 80% of restaurants experience a surge in activity this time of year, leading to more food and glass waste for bars, restaurants, and event facilities. This increased pressure often translates to overworked managers grappling with complex logistics and overflowing bins.

Enter Zero Waste Tech, with innovative solutions to help tackle this festive waste surge and make sustainability a breeze.

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5 Times Less Waste, 5 Times More Sustainable: Glass Loop Redefines Glass Disposal

Did you know? UK hospitality venues send over 200,000 tonnes of glass to landfills annually. This alarming figure clashes with the fact that glass is fully recyclable and, even better, can be recycled infinitely. Introducing Glass Loop, a revolutionary plug-and-play device developed by Zero Waste Tech and their partners Maasloop. This smart system crushes glass waste bottles down to 80% of their original size, reducing waste collections and associated costs by a whopping fivefold.

Simple Steps, Big Impact:

  1. Plug in the Glass Loop.
  2. Open the hatch and feed up to 60 bottles at once.
  3. Press the “On” button.
  4. Witness the magic as Glass Loop transforms your bottles into cullet in just 60 seconds.
  5. Open the bottom drawer and collect the crushed glass for easy disposal.

Reduce Holiday Waste with Orbisk’s AI-Powered Food Tracking System

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without delicious feasts. Yet, UK estimates suggest that at least two-thirds of Christmas turkey ends up in the bin. Orbisk tackles this head-on. This smart system uses image recognition technology to show you exactly what food you’re throwing away, the quantity, and even the time of day. This detailed data is presented on a user-friendly dashboard, empowering you to optimise your kitchen and prevent food waste before it happens – particularly crucial during those big Christmas gatherings.

Saving the planet, one leftover at a time:

  1. Plug in the Orbisk device.
  2. Hold your food waste in front of the LED light.
  3. Wait for Orbisk to snap a picture (half a second, that’s all it takes!).
  4. Dispose of your food waste as usual.
  5. Track your progress and gain valuable insights on your waste reduction journey through the Orbisk dashboard.

Leftovers Safely and Sustainably Down the Drain: Introducing ORCA

With so much delicious food prepared, we want to avoid landfill waste. ORCA, another solution of Zero Waste Tech, steps in. This food waste digester utilises a natural biological process to efficiently break down food waste, transforming it into a liquid you can safely send down the drain. No more overflowing bins or carbon footprint-intensive waste collections!

Simple and Sustainable:

  1. Plug in the ORCA.
  2. Load compatible food waste into the ORCA.
  3. ORCA’s proprietary Biochips and microbial mixtures are added.
  4. Food waste is digested into smaller pieces, eventually transforming into a liquid.
  5. The liquid is safely disposed of down the drain.

With Zero Waste Tech, you can embrace the festive cheer without burdening the planet. These innovative solutions not only make managing your waste easier but also contribute to a more sustainable future, one clinking glass and leftover turkey at a time.
Let’s raise a toast to a responsible and waste-free holiday season!


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