Star Pubs and Bars Case Study

Prior to being introduced to the ORCA, we had historically been throwing our food waste into our general waste containers.

We were very proud to be the first pub group to adopt the ORCA technology to deal with our food waste. The solution overcame many different challenges that we faced within our pub daily. Most notably, pests and odours and the cleanliness of our internal and external bins, as both problems have a significant impact on the perception of our brand, due to us being a food led pub.

We were very excited to use the machine and upon installation, we were provided with full training and a good understanding of the way that the ORCA worked (mimicking the human stomach). This helped staff engage with the ORCA and very quickly after installation we noticed a positive behaviour change within our team and the way that we thought about food waste.

We wanted to reduce our food waste and therefore we utilised the ORCA Portal to better understand our food waste volumes. By reviewing this data internally, our head chef took a more sustainable approach and developed menus around elements of food produce that would usually be thrown away and this in turn has helped the business commercially.

Our experience with the ORCA has been very positive and I am glad that we chose this over the alternative bin collection solution. As well as overcoming the imminent challenges that we had with food going into our external containers, the ORCA has helped us identify additional commercial benefits and overall, we feel that we have become a more sustainable business.


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